About Daniella Perkins

Daniella Perkins is an American actress an internet personality. She was born on June 13 2000. She portrayed the main character Ciara on super hero life action comedy series Knight squad.

Daniella was born at the Anaheim Regional Medical Center to a teen mom who raised her and Devenity, her younger sister. They grew up in orange country California. She was home schooled to make time for her career.

Young Daniella with her Mom and her younger sister

Daniella started a YouTube channel with her sister at the age of 11 and she currently has over 800 thousand subscribers. She created a Musical.ly account around 2015 and has since gained millions of followers on Tik-tok. She’s almost at 1 million followers on Instagram. Daniel collaborate with her sister on their Perkins sisters social accounts.

Daniella and Devenity

Daniella Perkins began working with Nickelodeon on 2016. She played the recurring role of Sophie in the series “Legendary Dudas”.

She has made guest appearances in a number of Nickelodeon series, she has participated in reality series and appeared in 2016 television film, “Blurt”. She also has a guest role on “Girl Meets World” in 2016.

Daniella Perkins played the main character in black web series “Red Ruby’ in 2019.




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